By Megan

I have a friend who lost her phone one weekend and she was most upset because there was a voicemail from her Dad on it and he had passed away the year before.

Sometimes when someone passes on, we hold onto all we have. In the case of Debora Taylor, she was holding onto a voicemail from her late husband, Hank.

According to Today, Hank found out he had  small cell lung carcinoma and died a month later in Debra’s arms. A voicemail Hank had left her about a month before he died, brought her comfort. She said it was a silly voicemail, simply telling her he didn’t know what time he was going to be home but there was also an “I love you, talk to you later” at the end. She said, “It was comforting to have that to listen to every night.”


Debra was switching phone carriers from AT&T and when she talked to the representative at AT&T, they assured her that the voicemail would still be on her phone up to 3 hours after the service was cancelled. The plan was, she was going to record it onto her iPad. On her way home that day she stopped at had a burger and by the time she got home the voicemail was gone (well before the 3 hours she thought she had). Debora was upset so she did what everyone does when they’re upset. She posted a rant to Facebook. One of her Facebook friends contacted the local news station and they reached out to AT&T with her story. The power of social media can be a crazy thing. AT&T was able to retrieve the voicemail for her.

Customer service is huge, especially in situations like these. AT&T made a statement and said, “We know Debora’s voicemail from her husband was a treasured memory and we’re happy she has it back.”



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