One of the biggest fears men have as they age is losing their hair. Well, scientists have now linked balding with another trait in men: their height.

According to Elite Daily, as if being short wasn’t bad enough, it also turns out that shorter men have a higher risk of balding.

A huge study conducted on balding found that some of the same genes that cause shortness also cause premature balding. In the words of the study’s lead author, Dr. Stefanie Heilmann-Heimbach:

“Genes that increase the risk for baldness can also lead to earlier puberty and shorter stature, likely because all these factors are all influenced by hormones. The hormones may act very slowly, over years, so it only appears 20 years after puberty.”

However, she also warned that this doesn’t mean everyone short will go bald, nor that tall men are immune. She explained:

“I would reassure men that being short does not definitely mean they will lose their hair. If you are short and all the men in your family still have their hair, it is probably unlikely, and tall men can go bald too. But there are biological pathways which contribute to both traits.”


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