By DJ Squintz

New Edition has long been a thing of the past, to most (some RnB enthusiast, like myself, still have them in their playlist to get in some type of mood). A “boy band” that pre-dated the N’Sync and Backstreet Boys of the 90’s, all of the members literally grew from Boys to Men to achieve continued fame into adulthood; most notably Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant, and Johnny Gill had solo careers, and the others notoriously became Bell Biv Devoe. Then in the 2000’s they had a bit of a reunion, but not much since. So many fans were wondering Is This The End?

Now let’s exit that musical time machine (watch your head) and bring it to 2017. Enter BET’s recent biopic, “The New Edition Story.” There are a lot of things in this that are interesting about this- and they are mostly good.

So here is a little breakdown:

  • Its actually a good There have been quite a few biopics that were, let’s just say, “not well-received;” TLC, Whitney Houston, N.W.A., and of course Aaliyah. But fans and critics actually like this one. I mean really LIKE it, If It Isn’t Love.
  • This is credited as being as authentic as possible. Member, Ricky Bell even stated that they felt like they could “tell the story and really open it up.” And they did. And it was Their Prerogative. More on the authenticity is here, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.
  • It raises a lot of other questions about the group. One of the most alarming topics is whether or not members used “ghost singers.” Specifically, its been said that Bobby Brown needed to (because of sobriety issues and drug use)- its even been said by the former manager that Ralph did some of the vocals for Bobby because he couldn’t finish them. All Hip Hop shares that story here.
  • The story shows everyone’s struggles; not just Bobby’s. Ok, there is no way around it; Bobby is well known as the biggest ego and behavioral issue within the group, especially due to his drug use. But if you thought he was the only Poison, you need to Cool It Now. That goes back into the authentic of the story, but its fair to note that its good know all fingers aren’t pointed at Bobby Brown.
  • This makes New Edition current again. Sooooo …that may lead to more from the group. Johnny Gilltells “TMZ Live” Friday that he just talked to the other members of New Edition about getting in the studio to follow up 2004’s “One Love.” Plus he mentioned openness to discussing a Las Vegas residency. So that would definitely put the NEW in NEW EDITION. See more on that here, including a video of Johnny discussing the possibilities.

There you have it. The trailer is at the top of all of this. If you are a New Edition fan, this is a must see. If you have no idea about anything that was referenced in this (there’s a list of song references below that were inserted), not a bad idea to check it out and use the blast from the past to absorb some history- or just to be entertained. (Tomato-Tomato).

For more on the biopic- including Cast, Videos, and Episodes- you can go straight to the source- BET here.

If anything this is a good thing for the group and the fans. After three decades, just shows New Edition Can Stand The Rain.

Songs references- by New Edition or the members in their own ventures from the group:

  1. Boys to Men, 1988
  2. Is This the End, 1983
  3. If It Isn’t Love, 1988
  4. My Prerogative, 1988- Bobby Brown
  5. Poison, 1990- Bell Biv Devoe
  6. Cool It Now, 1984
  7. Can You Stand The Rain, 1988










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