By Megan

Ken Bone, the instant internet celebrity after the second Presidential debate may not be as great as everyone originally thought. He has gained hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers, appeared on shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live and there was even a Halloween costume made after him that has sold out on multiple websites.

His 15 minutes of fame might be over thanks to the Reddit “Ask Me Anything” he took part in last night. He used the same username he’s used in previous AMA’s which is “StanGibson18” according to CNN. People on the internet did what they do best, dug up some discriminating things he had said in the past to make him look bad.

CNN is reporting that he had said Trayvon Martin’s death was “Justified” but Ken Bone clears up that misunderstanding by saying that he was just recapping what the Department of Justice said. That the words “Legally justified” were their words, not his. According to TMZ, he said that just because it was justified doesn’t mean it was right and he thinks Trayvon’s death was a “tragedy”.

Okay so let’s say that quote was a misunderstanding. The other things that were dug up on Ken Bone aren’t as easily mistaken for something else. First of all he committed felony insurance fraud for claiming he had car insurance to get a pizza delivery job. He also commented on the leaked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence from 2014 saying, “”Maybe she should have been more careful with her pics, but the bad guys are still the ones who sought them out and looked at them.”

Then he added, “By which I mean guys like me, I saw her butt hole. I liked it.” Wow Ken, that’s aggressive. He said that he would like to apologize to Jennifer for making those comments because he now understands what it’s like to lose your privacy.


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