You all may think In-N-Out’s animal style fries are a secret, but have you tried any of the secret menu items below? Your mind may be blown! Read and drool, thanks to BuzzFeed 🙂

1. “The 4×4” AKA “The Heaven” Burger – We all finish our Double-Double In-N-Out burgers wishing we had another…but with this Quadruple meat burger chances are you’ll be too full to notice your delicious burger is all gone. It’s stacked with four beef patties and four slices of cheese. Holy moly goodness.

2. “The Flying Dutchman” – Ever wished you could eat a burger that had beef patties instead of buns and only cheese and fries in the center? Well, then this strange burger is for you! Those who are trying to lay off the bread will love this one 🙂

3. The Neapolitan Shake – Must we say more?

4. Chopped Chilies On fries and/or burgers! – Spice up your life by getting a burger or fries topped with chili peppers!

5. Roadkill Fries – Yeah, we thought it sounded weird too…and it is weird…but not as weird as you think! Apparently it’s just fries with the “Flying Dutchman” (above) on top!

6. Root Beer Float – In-N-Out has vanilla ice cream and they have root beer, so why not ask for a yummy ROOT BEER FLOAT?

7. Fries Well Done!! – Yes, you read that right! If you’ve never been a big fan of In-N-Out’s fries (most people don’t like the texture), you should try getting them well done for a little more crisp! 🙂

8. Mustard Grilled Patty – If you’re a big mustard-lover, this beef patty grilled in mustard may be your new BFF.

See more In-N-Out menu hacks HERE! 



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