When we stop into our favorite coffee shop for a cup of Joe, chances are we aren’t counting on being served by a barista wearing nothing but a string bikini…or less. That’s quite a morning wake up!

Apparently the trend is catching on … big time. It all started in – where else? – Seattle, the coffee capitol of America. “Seattle is at the forefront of the bikini barista phenomena that is sweeping across the world, and it all started right here,” reports Bikini-Baristas.com, a bikini barista online directory with a list of all the hard-to-find shops boasting coffee served by sex kittens.

But the movement is getting a few people steamed. The bikini barista chain Bottoms Up Expresso recently opened a new location in Clovis, CA, and according to Fox 26, the neighborhood is up in arms.

Local resident Candice Eslick is busy collecting signatures for a petition to city council to have the place closed, though the council has already told her she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. It seems that the city is addicted not only to coffee, but the bikini baristas who serve it.

Eslick is concerned that neighborhood children will be looking at “half-naked women.” She probably isn’t thrilled about the names of the coffee drinks either, especially the “Blond Porn Star.”

Stephanie Kivley, the Bottoms Up Expresso manager, has encountered the problem before in Washington, but says that the most city leaders can do is to tell her to wear less revealing swimsuits and leave a little more to the imagination.

It’s not the first time people have complained about the bikini baristas. In Spokane, Topless Tuesdays have caused an uproar, according to the Spokesman-Review.

Ladies, if all these coffee shops seemingly geared towards men have you feeling left out, worry not. The Spokesman-Review goes on to report that a movement has been started in Washington with a new kind of coffee shop: Hot Cup of Joe, where all the baristas will be shirtless men.

Owner Chris Mullins will eventually make the men dress down even further, so that they are serving caffeinated beverages in nothing but “cute, classy underwear.” Mullins does have a strict policy against thongs, however.

Here’s to getting the fully monty (almost) with your macchiato, girls!

– Lauren Chiong/KSFM, Sacramento


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