4 Random Things, and What They Say About Your Personality . . . Including How You Like Your Eggs Cooked

According to a recent study by the British Egg Industry Council, how you like your eggs cooked reveals a surprising amount about your personality.

The study focused on over 1,000 people, and found that if you prefer hard-boiled eggs, you’re more likely to be disorganized . . . and also more likely to get divorced at some point in your life.

Meanwhile, if you like your eggs poached it means you’re more outgoing than most people . . . If you prefer omelets, you have more self-control than the average person does . . .

If you like your eggs scrambled, you’re more likely to be skeptical and suspicious . . . . and if you like them fried, it means you have an above-average sex drive.

Here are three more random things, and what they supposedly say about your personality.

1.  The Color of Your Car-  If it’s red, you’re more likely to be aggressive and reckless.  If it’s dark blue or silver, you’re more upbeat than most people . . .

If it’s black, it allegedly means you’re lacking self-confidence.  And people who drive green cars tend to have a more positive outlook on life than others.

2.  Your Signature-  According to several studies, you subconsciously see it as a stand-in for yourself.  So if it’s larger than average, it’s a sign you have high self-esteem.  And if it’s tiny, it apparently means the opposite.

But a large signature might also just mean you have an over-inflated ego.  One recent study looked at the signatures of 600 CEOs, and found that the ones with the biggest signatures tended to make the most money.

But they were also more likely to run their companies into the ground, because they didn’t listen to their employees.

3.  What Your Desk Looks Like-  If you have Post-It notes everywhere, it’s a sign you’re overwhelmed. If you have a candy bowl or lots of office supplies in your desk, it means you’re more likely to be outgoing and social.

And if your desk is pretty much empty, it’s a sign that you’re not satisfied with your job.  But if you have a plant, it means you’re probably not planning to look for a different job anytime soon.



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