By Bre, the online website that likes to play cupid, conducted a survey on sex and relationships with over 5,500 singles and 1,100 married people between the ages of 21 and 65.

Some interesting results! Check them out!

42% of all singles say they would not date a virgin.

51% of ladies say they wouldn’t go out with a fella who hasn’t gone all the way, while 33% of men say they wouldn’t date a woman who has yet to do something you’d see on Cinemax after dark.

Nearly 28% of people say they have dated someone they met using some form of internet service.

48% of single women look someone up on Facebook before a first date. That’s compared to the 38% of men who do the same thing.

Just about half of all women would cancel a first date if they see something they don’t like while checking them out online. Only about 27% of men would cancel a date after looking up a person, which only proves how many men are very, very desperate.

47% of singles admit to having had a past “friends with benefits” relationship. This data marks the third consecutive year that the number has increased, which means you need to make some new friends.

57% of single men and 45% of single women who claim to have received a racy text. Be warned, though: 23% of people say they have shared them with other people.

71% of women say they have no interest in dating someone shorter than they are.

Just over 40% of married couples have sex at least once a week.

More than 80% of married men and women say they would tie the knot with the same person again.

A whopping 97% of singles claim they’re more concerned with meeting their partners’ sexual needs than their own.

Finally, when asked what would make them happier, 30% of single people over the age of 70 and 25% of singles over the age of 60 agreed: more sex.


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