American Idol Feud Finally Airs

Not only was last night the third night in the tour de American Idol but it was also the night the feud finally hit the fan.

Hit the fan makes it sound a lot more exciting than it actually was though. Was I the only one that thought it was super anti climatic? Basically this girl came in and sang a very soulful country song. Nicki Minaj loved it but when it came to Keith Urban he didn’t seem to impressed. Then he asked her what her music style preference was. The girl replied with “Well, I did the country thing for awhile”. That one little statement had a chain reaction because right after Keith offered up his sarcastic and unimpressed response Mariah Carey followed with the same attitude.

For some reason the three judges besides Nicki were giving this girl the worst time ever for not claiming country music when she “clearly” had a country voice. When it finally came back around to Nicki she called all the judges out on harassing the poor girl and it escalated from there causing Nicki to get up and leave. Not a huge deal, a minor disagreement that was “clearly” blown out of proportion by the media. After they showed Nicki walking out they cut to a medley of media clips with all the breaking news of the Idol drama.

Nicki came back to the panel the next day and one of the first contestants to audition made it to Hollywood and on her way out said, “Don’t fight, it makes us sad”.

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