3 Reasons To Give A Bad Date Another Chance

If you went on a bad date recently, you might just want to forget about the person and keep looking.  But Match.com has a list of reasons you should give a bad date a second chance.

1.  Sparks Don’t Always Fly on the First Date-  If you’re definitely not attracted to them, that’s one thing.  But even if a first date isn’t great, it doesn’t mean your second or third date won’t be.

A lot of times, an hour or two isn’t enough to see if you really click with someone.  So you might just need to be patient and try again.

2.  You Were Both Probably Nervous-  This kind of goes with the last one, but it’s hard for some people to relax on a first date.  Especially if you met online.

So if you think nerves might be to blame, you should definitely give them another shot.  But first try texting or talking on the phone a few times.  Then go out again and see if it’s any better.

3.  You Might Just Need to Do Something Less Formal-  Dinner is the go-to date for a lot of people.  But it’s not always a good first date idea, because it forces you to keep a conversation going the whole time.

So if you went out to dinner . . . or did something stuffy, like walk around a museum together . . . you might just need to do something more fun, like seeing a band or going to a movie.

That way, there’s plenty of time to break the ice, and you can get something to eat afterward if you want to.


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