Some researchers are predicting that one out of every three babies born this year will live to be a hundred.  Here are some clues that might mean your chances are good too.

1.  You have a lot of old relatives-  There’s a lot of evidence that longevity has a lot to do with genetics.  At least half of all people who live to be 100 also have a sibling, parent, or grandparent that reached 90-plus.

And the closer your relatives are who are over 100, the more likely you are to join them.

2.  You can walk fast over long distances-  One study found that the average person typically walks about two miles per hour . . . and for every two-tenths of a mile per hour faster than that, a person would have a 12% decrease in the risk of death.

In another study, adults in their 70s who couldn’t walk a quarter-mile were less likely to be alive six years later . . . and more likely to suffer from long-term illness or disability before they died.

3.  You have a lot of friends-  The more you interact with other people, the more likely you are to live a long time.  And lonely people tend to die earlier, and be less healthy in general.  Sorry.

An 80-year study of 1,500 people born around 1910 found that religious women lived longer . . . mainly because they were involved in a lot of social groups.  People who were non-religious but involved in civic and community groups also lived longer.

4.  You’re a woman-  Out of roughly 80,000 Americans who are older than 100 today, 85% are women.  And women who bear children naturally beyond the age of 40 are four times more likely than other women to live to 100.

Not because they gave birth late, but because their bodies are aging less quickly. 

5.  You worry just enough to stay safe-  New research says that some worry is actually good for you.  It might cause stress, but people who worry . . . as long as it’s within reason . . . actually live longer on average.

It’s probably because they tend not to take risks, and have fewer accidents.

6.  You have a positive attitude-  Lots of studies suggest that a positive outlook on life tends to give you more years.  Obviously if you tend to stay happy, you experience less stress, and that can help you stay more healthy.

But the best clue that you’ll live to be 100 is . . . if you’re 99 right now.  According to the best current data, two out of every three 99-year-olds will live to see at least one more year.


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