Lady Gaga Smokes Weed On Stage

Lady Gaga is one wild woman who loves to entertain, but her ways of entertaining may be unconventional to some.

While performing
in Amsterdam Monday night, a country known for its legalization of several drugs, Lady Gaga received gifts from the audience.

Squatting down on the stage, Gaga rummaged through the items, clearly on the hunt for one particular item. She began lifting what looked like cigarettes to her nose and sniffing them. One after the other, Gaga said “no” and tossed them aside until finally she found what she was looking for.

“Holland is it real?” asked Gaga holding a joint wrapped in packaging. “Don’t tease me.”

After removing the packaging, Gaga smelled it.

“Oh, it’s real,” declared Gaga.

She didn’t hesitate to light it up, and after smoking it for a moment, she tossed it to her cheering fans to share.

“And for those of you who are wondering if I am high right now, I am not. That is not nearly enough to get me high,” said the giggling Gaga who continued to look at her gifts.

Gaga found a mysterious locked box with no key and invited the fan with the key to join her backstage. The fans cheered in response and Gaga soon came across a unique jacket made especially for her…a jacket covered in Barbie heads. Not surprising, Gaga loved the doll-head jacket and put it on.

It seems Amsterdam was treated to quite the performance. Watch it here now:

-Ashley Quadros, CBS Local


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