Party girl Paris Hilton “allegedly” has never had a 40…until now that is. Thanks to Snoop Dogg (Lion), Paris Hilton chugged a 40 ounce bottle of beer on Snoop’s show, GGN News Network.

Before Snoop could even get into the interview with Hilton, Hilton casually said, “It’s hot in here.”

Without missing a beat, Snoop encouraged her to take off her clothes. What a sly “dogg” he is!

“You be lookin’ real good too,” said Snoop. “Let it be known.”

After Snoop and Hilton chatted for a bit, Snoop gave her the chance to show off some of her newest fashion endeavors, including new perfumes and bags.

Snoop allowed Hilton to spray lady’s perfume all over his body and being the gentleman that he is, instead of being annoyed with so many sprays (and there were several) he exclaimed, “Oh wow! This sh*t is awesome!”

Throughout this comical interview, Snoop and Hilton maintained a playful rapport, and Snoop even wanted to keep a purse for himself, telling Hilton, “You know I’m gonna rock this thang! This is for me!”

Perhaps it was this playful side of Snoop that got to Hilton since it didn’t take much to get her to pop that bottle and take a long chug.

“If Snoop offers you any kind of drink, you can’t say no,” said Hilton. “You have to do it.”

And she surely does do it. Watch the full video here:

-Ashley Quadros, CBS Local


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