When you get married or you’ve been with the same person long enough, the amount of sex you have inevitably starts to plummet. But it also might have something to do with your bedtime routine.  Here are three habits that might be killing your sex life…

1.  Doing Chores Right Before You Go to Sleep-  Some people like cleaning up and crossing stuff off their list, so they don’t have to worry about it in the morning.  And that’s fine, but it tends to ruin the mood if it’s the very last thing you do before bed.

If you have to get something done, just try to give yourself a buffer of at least 10 to 15 minutes of downtime after you finish whatever it is that can’t wait.

2.  Too Much Talking-  Especially if it’s about something serious, like money.  If you’re both busy and haven’t seen each other all day, it might seem like your ONLY chance to talk.

But nothing kills the mood faster than bringing up something stressful.

3.  Playing with Your Phone or Your iPad- It’s pretty hard to initiate anything when the other person’s checking Facebook or playing a game.  So if you want more action, you should be concentrating on foreplay.


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