4 Things You Have to Do Before You Quit Your Job

It’s still early in the week, so if you feel like telling your boss to shove it, you’re probably not alone.  But before you actually do that, here’s a list from “Forbes” of what you should think about before quitting a job.

The first one is to start looking for a new job.  And obviously it’s best to wait until you actually find one.  But here are the other four things they say to do.

1.  Think About How You’ll Explain It in Job Interviews-  They might assume you’re either hard to work with, or that you’ll end up quitting your next job too.

And obviously you don’t want to lie, because they might call your former boss and ask them about it.  Which brings us to number two . . .

2.  Don’t Burn Your Bridges- Or at least not ALL of them.  Make sure you leave at least one or two people who can vouch for you when you need a reference.  And the higher up the person is, the better.

Clearly, the best thing is to stay calm and not go off on your boss, even if you really want to.

3.  Figure Out How to Prevent a Gap in Your Resume-  If you can’t take it and HAVE to quit before you find another job, find ways to make it look like you don’t have a gap on your resume.

That means doing things like freelancing, or volunteering in areas that are related to your work.

4.  Have a Plan to Pay the Bills-  Even with the rough economy, some people still expect to get a new job within a week or two.  So just as a reminder, the average length of time between jobs right now is about 40 weeks.

Yep . . . about 10 months.

So before you march in and tell your boss how much you hate them, make sure you have enough in your savings to last you at least a few months.  And remember, most people who quit their jobs aren’t eligible for unemployment.



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