Lady Gaga’s┬ásocial network just launched and allows fans to share everything Gaga related as well as connect with other fans.

After uploading a profile users are encouraged to “share stories, poems, or discuss whatever is on your mind. Help others who need it, or share your own personal victory. Talk about anything!” Meanwhile, “Monsters” can join any chat room to talk with others across the globe. Chats can even be translated into other languages.

With fans from all over the world and countless backgrounds, each user has one thing in common: Lady Gaga. Here’s a look at her Top 5 Little Monsters featured on the website.

1. Oliver from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Oliver’s idea of a perfect world is one “without judgement, prejudices… everybody living life in peace, guileless, without violence!”

Also in that perfect world is Lady Gaga, who he writes “is everything to me. Sometimes, she is the only person in this world who can understand me. She makes me to be brave! She teached me that I’m beautiful in my way and God makes no mistakes. Without her, maybe I would not be alive. Gaga is my virtue, just like Jesus.”

2. Isabella from Italy

This student says Gaga had a major impact on her life. “She completely changed my life. She is such an inspiration, a salvation. Without her I wouldn’t even be here. Gaga made me brave, she made me stronger. She always makes me feel good enough. I’m SO thankful to her.. I’ll never thank her enough.”

Isabella later recalls when she first heard Gaga. “I was watching a stupid tv program when the Poker Face video popped up. *-* God(ga) bless that tv program!”

3. Lab of Hookers from Sydney Australia

A name you’d think would be censored on a social network, Lab of Hookers is, like Lady Gaga, full of surprises. Their definition of a hooker is “an extremely passionate person who is hooked with their passion. MOTTO: Get Hooked With Your Passion. OUR PASSION: To contribute to enhancing this world towards THE MONSTER REVOLUTION.”

As far as their dream concert experience: “we want to experience the monster liberation bleeding deep under our skins where we can feel it in our blood.”

4. Stop Hatred

This user says being a Little Monster means everything.

“Monster is a Lifestyle and that’s so true.. people who are not Monsters don’t understand that . . . I’m dedicated to that woman who changed so many insecure persons’ lives, including mine.”

As far as Stop Hatred‘s dream world, it’s a world where “everyone loves and accepts everyone..a world where no one has insecurities..a world full of Gaga and Monsters and a world where intolerance and bullying is eliminated.”

Lady Gaga has had a huge impact on many and this fan is no exception.

“Lady Gaga changed my life. She gave me the power to be myself and don’t care about what people say,” Stop Hatred writes. “Gaga made me braver. Gaga helped me to forget my insecurities. She made me love myself.. I was sad.. She made me fearless, brave.”

5. Haus of Germanotta

This user is a designer and writes that it was love at first sight after watching her music video “Just Dance.”

“She taught me to live, she made me see who I really was, showed me that I need not change anything in me [to] please others, because I was Born This Way,” Haus of Germanotta writes.

Like many fans on the site, this user’s dream is to meet Lady Gaga in the flesh. While Gaga can’t personally talk with each individual on her social network, provides fans one step closer into the world of the pop star.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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