If you’re looking for a new apartment, don’t sign the lease until you do the stuff on this list.  Here are five things you should always check before you rent a new place…

1.  How Noisy the Neighbors Are-  The best time to go see an apartment is on the weekend, when they’re probably all home.

And if there’s an apartment above you, ask if any kids live up there.

2.  The Water Pressure-  Check the shower, and also flush the toilet.  If it’s really low, the toilet won’t flush very well . . . which is something you’ll have to deal with all the time if you decide to move in.

When you’re buying a place, you should also try a glass of water from the kitchen sink, even if you normally use a Brita.  If it tastes really metallic, the pipes might need to be replaced because of rust.

3.  The Laundry Situation-  If you have a washer and dryer IN the apartment, just make sure they work.  But if there’s a laundry room down the hall, ask how many apartments have to share it.

If 15 apartments share one washer and dryer, you at least want to know that BEFORE you take the place.

4.  Any Strange Smells-  If the last tenant was a smoker, just ask the landlord if they’re planning to have the carpets professionally cleaned before you move in.  That should get rid of the cigarette smell.

On the other hand, if you smell something bad and can’t find the source, there might be issues with mold or mildew, which is a bigger problem.

5.  The Doors and Windows-  If you find a faulty latch before you move in, the landlord will probably fix it for you right away.  If you notice it after you move in, it might him take a while.

Or if the walls look dirty, make sure they’re planning to repaint them before you move in.





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