6 Parts Of Your Body That Are Much Younger Than You Are

If you’re starting to feel old, don’t worry…because not all of you is old.  For example, your bones are only around ten years old, because the cells are constantly regenerating. And you might have heard that ALL the cells in your body regenerate every seven years.  But that’s not actually true, according to Reader’s Digest.

There are three types of cells you have your whole life:  Cells in your heart, cells in the lenses of your eyes, and some of the cells in your brain. But here are six parts of your body that are much younger than you might think.

1.  Your Liver-  It weighs about three pounds, and the cells regenerate every year or so.  Technically, your liver is never older than two years old.

2.  Your Red Blood Cells-  One drop of blood has millions of red blood cells, which deliver oxygen to other cells, and also help remove waste from them.

About one fourth of all the cells in your body are red blood cells, and none of them are more than four months old.  

3.  Your Eyelashes-  On average, you have about 150 to 200 lashes on your upper eyelid, and 75 to 100 on your lower eyelid.  And most of them are around two months old.

4.  Your Skin-  The outermost layer of it is called the stratum corneum, and it’s only about two weeks old.

5.  Your Taste Buds-  When you’re young, you have about 10,000 of them.  But as you age, that number might fall to around 5,000, which is why you stop liking certain foods you used to LOVE.

Your taste buds are constantly being regenerated, and most of them are only about 10 days old.

6.  The Lining of Your Stomach-  Special cells produce the acid and enzymes that help you digest food.  And as a whole, the lining of your stomach is only about five days old.


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