American Idol Recap: Top 10 Finalists!

Last night American Idol  took the contestants to the styling of the infamous Tommy Hilfiger…the mentoring of Jimmy Iovine “the man” at Interscope Records and a leg up from an artist that this week just happened to be [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Diddy[/lastfm].

The task?  Take on the library of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Billy Joel[/lastfm]!  He is one of the kings of the piano, but really wondering how many of the contestants know more than one of his songs? Also, why P. Diddy for Billy Joel week? That’s an odd fit.

The theme of the night was that almost every contestant wasn’t connecting with their songs and they were over-singing in rehearsals.  I can’t say that I didn’t agree, hearing the same observation over and over got monotonous.

Northern Cali’s own DeAndre had a hair-flipping evening, but he may be in trouble this week.

Erika Van Pelt said she liked the singer Pink’s style…wasn’t sure they should have given her that haircut though.  “Inspired by” is one thing, photocopied is another. Most people online loved her new look though. That being said can you even remember her performance from last night?

Joshua Ledet did his thing again this week, not sure if it was stellar enough to solidify a spot for him again this week though, this is the top 10 bring it!

Skylar Lane was so cute at how starstruck she was with Diddy.  She really connected her with her song this week.

Elise Testone was one of my favorites this week, she looked good she sang good and I’m happy that she’s feeling comfortable in her own skin.  That being said, I’m afraid she may be headed for the bottom this week.

Phillip Phillips didn’t like the constructive criticism that the mentors and the stylists gave him and I know that Randy, Jennifer and Steven applauded him for doing it but I agree with Tommy he shouldn’t have  worn a bunch of grey it really washed him out. I also don’t like what he did to Billy’s song!

Hollie Cavanagh has been one of those that sings great but is styled like an older woman, love her voice! I do like that Tommy Hilfiger co-signed her needing to be younger in her fashion but I still think she missed the mark this week.  I was sure she was going to nail her song but she hit some very strange notes that I’m afraid is going to hurt her this week.

Heejun sounded so much better tonight, and I like that he kind of did his own thing by starting out with a slow song and a suit, then ripping it off and saying, “I want to rock!” and then peeling it off and wearing a t-shirt and a beanie.  He didn’t keep the notes perfect the entire performance but it was entertaining.

Who else came back strong this week?  Jessica Sanchez was the amazing performer and vocalist we know her to be.  Glad she shook off the bad week she just had.


I loved that Colton Dixon got behind the piano and sang. He had one of the most stellar performances of the night and that’s probably why he was the last one to perform.



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