American Idol Recap: Top 12 (Actually 13 Boys)

Last night American Idol  took the competition the the big stage last night by showcasing the top 12 boys on the show.  The twist? The judges brought back a former contestant as the 13th person to perform.  There was a lot of speculation on who it might be  ( I was thinking Johnny Keyser who we were all surprised to see go).

We all agreed that the judges were way to easy on all of the contestants and we weren’t sure if it was intentional so as not to sway the votes or not, but we could have used a firmer hand with a lot of those boys on stage last night!

Let’s re-cap who we think will be the five performers who get the votes tonight to stay…

Lexi:  Honestly, I think the boys made it very easy for us to see who should be a finalist.  There were a few poor song choices made, a few who could only hit the high notes and one that just doesn’t “look the part”.  Here are my favorites:

Adam Brock, Jeremy Rosado, Colton Dixon, Joshua Ledet and Heejun Han will all make it tonight.  Is it wrong for me to say that I never want to see Reed Grimm again?

Jay: I think Heejun Han did a great job but picked the wrong song.  The others that I’m pulling for are Colton Dixon, Jeremy Rosado and Phillip Phillips.

Juan: Joshua Ledet,  Aaron Marcellus, Adam Brock and Heejun Han and the person they brought back as the 13th contestant get my vote for the top boys.

WHO was that 13th contestant?  A baritone that we all think is a big softy.  A REALLY big softy, that fool was tall.

Colton decided to change-up his style last night and the three of us agree that we’ll be seeing more of him.

None of us chose Eben, but I (Lexi) believe if he doesn’t get voted in that he will be the judges wildcard to move on to the Top 12 contestants.  You see America chooses the first 5 boys and the final vote will be from the judges. Eben started off a little flat, but he did his thing!

Tonight, it’s all about the final 13 girls.  I wonder who they will bring back? I think it will be Brittany the Britney look-alike…as long it’s not tent girl I think we will all be happy.


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