You probably know that today is Leap Day, but do you know some of the crazy facts behind leap day? Check out 10 things your probably didn’t know about this special day.

1) “Leap Years” are years in which an additional day is included in the calendar so that everyone can “catch up” on work.

2) Roman emperor Julius Caesar created the first Leap Day in 45 B.C., almost 2,000 years ago!

3) In the British Isles, the law holds that women are allowed to propose marriage to men on Leap Day!

4) Rapper Ja Rule was born on February 29, almost 2,000 years ago!

5) In Greece, it’s considered bad luck to get married in a Leap Year.

6) On Leap Day, you’re allowed to murder one person of your choice, as a freebie. (Not so sure about this one)

7) The classic Amy Adams film Leap Year was released in 2010 and the classic film 2010 was released in 1984 which was a Leap Year!

8) If you were born on February 29th and you’re on Facebook, it’s a guess as to what day Facebook will tell everyone it’s your birthday. ABC News quotes a Leapling who says, “Every single year, Facebook chooses whatever day it wants  or none at all and people start wishing you a ‘Happy Birthday’. Because Facebook told them to. Sometimes the 28th, sometimes the 1st, sometimes not at all.”

9) says that people born on February 29 share their birthday with only .068% of the worldwide population, which is about 5 million people. People born on any other day share their birthday with 0.274% of the population, or around 19 million people.

10) In many southern European cultural traditions, Leap Years are considered bad luck.


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