The Occupy Sacramento movement is still occupying Cesar Chavez Park. The homeless who have spent their day’s there in the past are starting to get angry because they want “their park back”

“These homeless people have been out here a lot longer than you have” one homeless person explains to a CBS 13 reporter.

Cesar Chavez Park has always been a place where homeless have gathered during their day, and now some of those homeless people are wishing the “occupy crowd” would pack up and go away and give them their park back.

Dozens of homeless have now signed a petition to get the city to evict the protestors out of the park.

Some occupiers say that some of the homeless are threatening them with violence.

It makes no sense to me to have people loitering around the park protesting anything. In this country we have a long proud history of allowing decent. Protests are something Americans have the right to do in an effort to bring attention to things we feel passionate about. But clogging up a public park, leaving trash and causing families who pay taxes to use the park be inconvenienced so that these protestors can sit in tents for months at a time, goes way beyond what is right.

I say to the occupiers, do the right thing. Move on. Protest behind ropes in a non violent peaceful intelligent well thought out way. Set a time frame for your protests and have some decency. Get out of the park where tax payers go to enjoy, maybe stand in front of some of the government buildings and protest. That’s my opinion.




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