The Glee Project: Your Glee-Cap Has a Shocking Elimination

[photogallerylink id=76262]If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a huge GLEEK…I watch the show, plan on seeing the 3-D movie and am happy we get to be a part of the behind-the-scenes casting in the form of a competition reality show on “The Glee Project”.


The winner of this competition will get a seven-story arc on the show since some of the cast members are graduating, they may still be around or get their own spin-off we’re still waiting to see. I vote for more episodes with [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Charice[/lastfm]personally!

The last few weeks have disappointed me, and let me tell you why. Last week CAMERON decided to leave. Why would you quit when your miracle was about to kick in? He was respected for his love of God and his high moral fiber but he just threw in the towel as if they wouldn’t treat his character or him with the dignity he deserves. He is now campaigning to be “fan favorite’ who whether they win the competition or not will get a bag full of cash! You don’t get my vote Cameron, you said, “Nah, I’m cool” by giving your spot to Damian who was slated to go home that week. I was a fan until you just gave up btw.

cameron The Glee Project: Your Glee Cap Has a Shocking Elimination

On to this week! The group had to sing “True Colors” which was the song that was the first solo for the character “Tina” and she was the guest-judge this week. Hannah won the homework assignment by signing the hell out of the song and she got the one-on-one time with actress IRL Jenna Ushkowitz.

So the group challenge which they turn into a music video directed by Erik White was to the song “The Only Exception” by [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Paramore[/lastfm]. Everyone was in love with the next person, kind of like real life. The bottom three were sexy dread-headed Samuel, fake-ass Lindsay, and effervescent Hannah.

lindsay The Glee Project: Your Glee Cap Has a Shocking Elimination

I thought for sure fake-ass Lindsay was going home; she is a powerhouse in the vocal department but falls short in knowing how to come off likeable or believable. Me no likey her! After Alex came into the challenge to sing and cried because he was remembering his father who had passed to tap into the pain he needed for the song. After Lindsay heard that she did the same thing and was far from believable. I was just glad the singing coach saw it too, WHY OH WHY DID THEY KEEP HER? ARGH!

damian The Glee Project: Your Glee Cap Has a Shocking Elimination
So in the end after all was said and done, they sent my Hannah home, the girl who came up with the word “Skadush” that was stolen by Samuel in a taping that he claimed as his own. The adorable girl who is funny and can sing but was told that she was hair away from having enough confidence to make it to the top.

hannah The Glee Project: Your Glee Cap Has a Shocking Elimination

Such a tragedy, she will get as many votes as I’m allowed to give for fan favorite!!! So are you watching, seen the concert, watched the competition show, already have tickets to the 3D movie? Who do you think should have gone home , it WASN’T Hannah IMO. What happened to “Hannah is the show”. Ryan!! SMH. *sigh* okay, I have vented…


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