Four Common Health Myths People Still Believe

milk Four Common Health Myths People Still Believe

Oprah Winfrey may be gone from daytime television but she’s still running things at “O” The Oprah Magazine.  Not one to steer away from always helping us move forward and learn new things here’s a list her staff put together of four common health myths that people still believe.

1.  Hand dryers in public restrooms are more sanitary than paper towels: You would think this one was true since you don’t have to touch anything to get your hands dry…the truth is that it’s dirtier because of the bacteria  that grows inside of the machine. These machines actually make the bathroom dirtier since the fans can blow germs more than six feet. EWWW!

2.  Sitting too close to the TV will hurt your eyes: Well it’s not true, but according to “O” it used to be kind of true.  Back in the 1950’s they gave off more than 100,00 times more radiation than modern TV’s do. Yikes.  They were bad for your health, but still not your eyes…

3.  Warm milk will help you sleep:  Nice in theory since there is tryptophan in milk just like turkey but it only has small doses inside.  If warm milk helps you, it’s because your mommy told you that it would.

4.  Hydrogen peroxide is good for cleaning cuts: You remember that your parents would get out the entire kit to help you clean-up your boo-boos but peroxide  slows down the healing process since i stops the growth of new tissue.  So instead use soap and water thane use an antibiotic.

Did you think some of these were true?  I know I did, thanks Oprah!


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