cocobday1 Ice T & Coco Get A Reality Show

Rapper-turned-actor [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Ice-T[/lastfm] and his voluptuous wife [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Coco[/lastfm] are headed back toward the spotlight. The happy couple will star in an upcoming reality show for E! dubbed ‘Ice Loves Coco,’ with plans for the series to debut on the celebrity network in June.

The seriecoco ice t plastic surgery Ice T & Coco Get A Reality Shows will follow the two and document their respective careers, focusing on their home life as well as Coco’s attempts to launch a professional career as a model. While the pair has publicly displayed affection in the press over the past few years, they will invite cameras into their home to frame them as a “very traditional couple, wrapped in a very nontraditional package.” It will will premiere on June 12 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on E! Will you watch this?

Source: Popeater

Comments (33)
  1. Tyrone P says:

    of course i ain’t gonna watch this fat skank lol – she ain’t nowhere NEAR a model…i give this show one episode before its cancelled

    1. Sherry says:

      Only a certain kind of person would watch something like this show anyway lol dont think normal members of society would be bothered with this trash

  2. Jessa Ramirez says:

    is she too fat to be a model?? some silly girls might watch this for Ice-T but dudes will be watching Kimmy K -they’d throw up watching such a beautiful woman than watching this ugly one right after..ewwww she is nasty ONE dude that thinks she’s hot…waiting…waiting…waiting…lol

    1. Wilson Thompson says:

      yes sweetheart – she is too fat to be a model..even plus size agencies have their limits

    2. Justen T says:

      you will die waiting…trust me lol…no man thinks she is hot…ice t got old and desperate and senile ONLY reason he chose this ____

    3. Stephen Rawlings says:

      you’re going to be waiting a minute…not saying there isn’t one who is out of the deep back woods that isn’t clued in to what women are supposed to look like…but my guess is he won’t have a computer to post a reply to you 😉

  3. Tim Watson says:

    oh hell no…she fat…cover that UP!!! will we watch this??…will you??? lol NO..then what makes you think we will!??!! ice t old and she ugly

  4. Kyrese Jones says:

    Is this a joke? She aint no model…too fat and too ugly…last time I checked models had at least a pretty face and nice and thin lol they take this now?? Cancel all mag subscriptions lol…my appetite is.gone but to answer ur question…HELL NO I wont watch.this…my eyes will bleed…yall aint gonna watch this either..yall got some.sense I assume

    1. Wilson Thompson says:

      she WANTS to be a model…no one checked her yet -she nowhere near one LMAO

  5. Sissy P says:

    i know ice-t but is this his wife?? he couldn’t do any better than this?? yuck lol bikinis ain’t for errbody…and here is your best example lol

    1. Wilson Thompson says:

      BEST example!!! she is the last woman who should wear a bikini…or a bathing suit…no man wants to see this sh*t my eyes hurt lol

  6. Petey Washington says:

    nawww bruh…this chick ain’t voluptuous..this chick FAT..there’s a difference!!! Kim K – voluptuous Scarlett J – voluptuous Coco straight up fat…can u block out the nasty part of this bikini pic? all of it… lol

  7. LP says:

    This chick is str8 up ugly bruh…couldnt watch this if u paid me. I got a weak stomach!!!!!

  8. Wilson Thompson says:

    cover this chick up both pics!! i hate fake t*ts and this is why…ain’t nothin sexy about them or her..her fat a** and ugly EVERYTHING is on a whole other nasty, disgusting, foul, unattractive, stomach-churning, lose my lunch, low class, trailer trash, buzz killing, everything killing, repulsive, horrifying, brainless, useless, not if she were the last woman on earth, zero sex appeal, would rather poke my eyes out kind of woman…the epitome of disgusting and just about the least sexy woman i have EVER seen…so no, won’t be watching…no real man with any type of dignity or sense would ever stoop to this reality level and no female is that much of an idiot

    1. Alex Quinton says:

      well said

  9. Lance Givens says:

    voluptuous? last time I checked this was called fat
    model? last time I checked u had to be pretty and have a good body

    someone help correct this girl…she isnt either voluptuos or a model

  10. gh says:

    yuck (her)

  11. Alex Quinton says:

    oh lawd lol…this chick is foul…

  12. Derrick Winters says:

    is this joke?? reality has finally hit rock bottom…let’s all take a guess who’s gonna watch this show lol

  13. Thomas Jeffreys says:

    Will you watch this???

    Strippers – Yes
    Go Go Dancers – Yes
    Depressed Fat Butted Girls – Yes
    Doctors – No
    Drug Dealers -Yes
    Thugs/Criminals – Yes
    School Teachers – No
    Waitresses – Yes
    Bartenders – Yes
    Lawyers – No
    Accountants – No
    Couch Potatoes with no life – Yes
    People with a life – No
    People under a rock – Yes
    Swimsuit Models (Real Ones) – For a laugh & to feel even better about themselves – Yes
    Any female with a normal a**- No unless she wants a reminder of what happens when you let yourself go
    Straight Men – No unless they want to pity Ice-T
    Gay Men – Yes if they need reminding of what’s gross about women

    Will I watch this? Hell no…I have my limits but if I ever go this low, you have permission to call my mama to slap me lol

    1. Katie Bessimos says:

      ha ha this post is funny…true though – i think you got every type to watch this kind of weird show dead on 😀

    2. Stephen Rawlings says:

      LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! we can add to this easily – courtesy of me, Jeffrey, Robert, Samuel and Tessa

      GED educated or less – Yes
      College educated (incl “some college”) – HELL NO
      Hair Dressers – Yes
      All salon/nail/makeup workers – Yes
      Promoters – Yes
      Police Officers/Fire Fighters – No
      Psychologists – No
      Real actors/actresses – No
      Jersey shore type actors/actresses – Yes
      VH1 reality idiots – Yes
      Mall employees – Yes
      Advertising/Marketing Execs – No
      Financial Management Execs – No
      Club – goers – Yes
      Stockbrokers – No
      Big butt loving men – No, cuz even they got limits
      Big breast loving men – No cuz they only like the real thing
      Normal men – No
      Slimy men – No, again limits
      Normal women – No
      Confident women – No unless they need a little boost – hey everybody is entitle to a bad day, but one look above should fix that!!

    3. Shellie Parone says:

      This is hilarious!!!!!! And true lol…this show is only going to appeal to the trashy people..and lots out there!!!!

  14. franklin says:

    hell no lol…dont tell me there is a person on this earth that thinks this chick is sexy lol…theres always one fool somewhere

  15. Simon Reynolds says:

    There is such a difference between sexy and skanky…Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are sexy…this chick is skanky as skanky gets…ladies…you can tell A LOT about a man by who he is attracted to…this trash or someone like Angelina…trust..word..ask him, if he say Coco…run fo yo life lol

  16. riggy says:

    fat chicks have GOT to stop thinking of themselves as voluptuous or curvy or model like…damn epidemic!! coco…u fat…u fat and nothin fat…not one dude finds u sexy unless he like the BBWs…

  17. lizzie says:

    um voluptuous??!!!!!??? is that what they’re calling fat these days????? ok…then when is voluptuous roseanne barr and voluptuous rosie o’donnell and voluptuous precious chick and volutuous mike & molly star gettin their reality shows too?

    the world is ending…

  18. Sherry says:

    Wow…poor thing…something is obviously wrong with her deformed…at least she is trying to feel better about herself! but baby girl…know ur limits…bikini not a good look for u and a doc can probably make ur butt alot more normal looking. I feel bad for her…must get teased alot 😦

  19. Katie Bessimos says:

    oh wow…i agree with below…is this for real?? and i’m always upset about my body??? it’s not THIS bad…im confused though…model for what??? she isn’t anywhere near the right shape for a model ???? is this a joke maybe???

  20. Jessica Blaylock says:

    I think I would shoot myself if I looked like this :/ wow…

  21. Jessica Blaylock says:

    I KNOW I would…

  22. hae says:

    fat, ugly, square face, big jaw, cheap, tramp, fake all over, robot face, rubber doll and on top stupid…sometimes she has such an innocent and idiot look on her face…

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