stripper Six Facts About Strippers That You Didn't Know

The University of Leeds in England has been running a major survey on the stripping industry, and they just released a report with their initial findings.

#1.) While 40.2% of strippers do it as their only job, the rest have a day job, too.  And the most common one is . . . EDUCATION, at 14.2%.  That’s right . . . one in seven strippers are TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN.

#2.) Even though every time you get a lap dance it seems like the stripper talks about her kids, only 13.5% of strippers have children.

#3.) Only 9.5% of strippers are married.  That’s less than one out of 10.

#4.) The average stripper makes $379 per shift, and averages between three and five shifts per week.  To do the math there, that means an average of $1,137 and $1,895 a week . . . or $59,124 to $98,540 a year before taxes and expenses.

#5.) Three-quarters of strippers said their job satisfaction is between seven and 10 on a scale of zero to 10.  No stripper said it’s between zero and two.  The things that make them most satisfied are the hours, getting paid right away, and the money.

#6.) The things that strippers like the least are not knowing how much money they’ll make, having to lie about their job, rude and abusive customers . . . and having lost all respect for men.

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  1. Terrence James says:

    1) if that isn’t a scary thought…if i EVER found out…
    2) thankful not too many have kids who have to be humiliated b/c of what their mother does – where is CPS when you need it?
    3) means more of us men have ethics!! faith restored
    4) lots of money but zero respect – nice trade off lol
    5) on a scale of 0 – 10 with 10 being completely delusional – about 687
    6) THEY lost respect for US!?!?? well if that ain’t hypocritical

    smdh – they’re still strippers, no matter how you slice it…nuff said!!!!

    1. Stannon P says:

      lmao!! now THIS is funny!! what i want to know is who wasted good money surveying these lost causes lol

      1. risa p says:

        i hope not!!! who thinks anyone cares about whether or not strippers like their sorry sleazy jobs?? and how funny is it they have no respect for men!??!!??! im dying laughing!!!

    2. jt says:

      LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u nailed it

    3. John Winston says:

      strippers should never be allowed to raise a child – child endangerment since most strippers are drug addicts and alcoholics and take it further (not much further already there lol) with prostitution and horrible role models!!!

      1. jessie says:

        thats how they get through their job…drugged up…i remember reading stats on how many do drugs to deal…damn near 100%

      2. janie valeriasanti says:

        yeah the stats are pretty grim…most have been raped and/or sexually abused hence their low self esteem and worth to do this type of thing….drugs and alcohol deaden the pain and worthlessness they feel… its really sad they feel they have no choice…flipping burgers is a better option any day of any week for any and all women

    4. jessie says:

      how can a stripper lose respect for ANYONE???? wow…that’s the epitome of a funny twist and contradiction…

    5. tyrone says:

      my kids would be pulled out of school in a hot minute and i would be suing the hell outta the school that hired her without checking her background oh hell naw!!

    6. janie valeriasanti says:

      if this weren’t so sad, it would be funny!!!

      poor kids…they must get so bullied at school…i bet the mom doesn’t even think of this and what are they learning about life??!?!

      money ain’t everything but self respect and worth is priceless – don’t kid yourself people – no amount of money is worth being bad role models to your kids, losing self respect and disgracing your family and friends!!!!

  2. Jesse Reynolds says:

    how can u lose all respect for men when you don’t have any respect for yourself to be there in the first place?? no female who has any self respect would crawl naked across the stage for a dollar!!!!

    1. Stannon P says:

      No, but I bet there are idiots that actually think the opposite…damn, she must think she is the sh*t being up on that pole!!! GTFOH…

      1. jt says:

        yes the 9.5% that have it backwards…can’t get more backwards than thinking a stripper has self esteem or she wouldn’t be a stripper – is this really someone’s thought somewhere???? that they have any self esteem – if so, shoot that gene pool

      2. John Winston says:

        a woman with any self esteem whatsoever wouldn’t even remotely degrade herself in this way…no way!!!!!! women who strip don’t even have low self esteem…thats way too high!!!

    2. tyrone says:

      not at all…

      1. sonny says:

        yup they got to not think much of themselves AT ALL to do what they do…

        i know women that think they nothing and they STILL wouldn’t stoop this low

  3. jt says:

    a stripper had BET not be teaching my child ANYTHING!!! that’s disgusting, and I can only imagine the dumba**es that married one lol – stupid meet stupid

  4. risa p says:

    is this for real?? someone surveyed these kind of people??? for what??? LOL

  5. John Winston says:

    how can a stripper lose respect for men?? what man, please enlighten me, would EVER have respect for a stripper…a man might like to go watch one, but respect one?? knew a dude who said he did lol, i asked him: so you’d be cool if ur mom, daughter or wife was one?? him: hell no!! me: how u gonna say u respect yet…???? contradicting fool

    1. tyrone says:

      perfect way to check him too…no way a man respects this kind of woman anyway, and anyone that says he does, is lying and how u checked him proved it…if he ain’t cool with his mama doing it, then he can’t say he respects them…if he did, there would be zero problem with his little girl turning 18 and giving old men naked lap dances for a few bucks

    2. christina says:

      So nudity in general, be it stripping, playboy or acting… is reason to have little to no respect for someone? Is bare skin so utterly disdainful? No it isn’t, but what is disgusting is the way most men behave when looking at beautiful naked bodies they are paying to see ( SEE… NOT TOUCH!!!) …. as if they are theirs to abuse! Is it the girl who takes her clothes off that you have so little respect for, or the man who feels it is his right to treat her however he pleases for a little money? For all the women out there…. most of your boyfriends, husbands, brothers and fathers have at some point been in a strip club, and I can guarantee you that 90 percent of them acted like horny pigs! This is why strippers have lost all respect for men. Many dancers can’t handle the reality that men behave this way towards them, and as a result turn to drugs, alcohol etc. For the few of us who have come to terms with the fact that both jekyll and hyde exist in most men, our low expectations make the job far easier. I look at a man who enters a strip club as a wallet; I get naked, you pay me… just make sure you don’t touch me and it won’t get ugly. Keep your stupid comments to yourself and let me take all your money! Meanwhile your wife, girlfriend, parents and children can stay at home and write blissfully ignorant comments in response to articles such as these!!!

      1. turn the page says:

        Will you tell your children how proud you are when stripping?

        Hey, mom took of clothes in front of strangers to take home money…

  6. wiggins says:

    oh hell no!!!!! ain’t no one care about strippers or the STUPID dudes that would marry one SMDH ultimate idiot

  7. sara ramirez says:

    that settles it, i’m going to quit my job as a sales rep so i can crawl around on a stage naked for some 5 and 10’s or even better, one dollar bills! how proud of me would my parents, husband and children be!!!!! oh and what fun it will be at my next class reunion too…so sara, what great things are you doing with your life now?? lolololololol but oh they make a lot of money (so do drug dealers)…dance with the devil…

    1. Ronnie Crest says:

      Lol me too!!! My fam would disown me for sure!!!!!

  8. jessie says:

    ewwwww lol don’t they do background checks on teachers???? maybe this is why the education system is failing our children makes sense now!!!!! i bet home school increases tenfold as this gets circulated!!!

    1. sonny says:

      no stripper better be teaching my kids!!

      1. Alex says:

        Maybe if teachers were paid a decent wage, enough to survive and pay off their student loans, they wouldn’t be resorting to stripping.

  9. janie valeriasanti says:

    im confused don’t they check to make sure someone is of good standing in society and a good role model before they can teach children??? if this is true…this is really bad!!!

    and how can they lose respect for men??? isn’t that backwards???

  10. Ronald T. Marionn says:

    These women are lost souls and they should be prayed for that they wake up and realize they have options that aren’t degrading to themselves and they can find a way to self respect and be good role models for their children. it’s up to us men to support our women and love them to a better way…it starts with us!!

  11. Ronald T. Marionn says:

    no man can support strip clubs and women degrading themselves and then turn around and talk about how they love women empowering themselves…no man can respect his mother yet support these clubs and women crawling naked on the floor for strangers

    1. Ronnie Crest says:

      100% agree!!!!

  12. Ronnie Crest says:

    ewwwww lol…this is a joke survey lol…april fools was 8 days ago!!!!! lol

  13. Ronnie Crest says:

    all money isnt good…is there a better case in point than being a stripper???

    1. sonny says:

      nope this is the perfect example of not all money good money

  14. mezza p says:

    it’s a funny post but these chicks are delusional fo sho about their job being anything good or somethin to be proud of!!! and of course not many are married, would YOU take one home to mama!???!?! if so, you’re mama must be a stripper cuz that’s the only way she would welcome one into her family!!

  15. sonny says:

    Think I know about strippers??? Think I care?? no…

    lyin a** anyway…like their job lol…is that why they drugged up and drunk to get through it???

    h– sit down!!!!!

  16. Diana says:

    You guys cant speak about every stripper in plural sometimes womend get low like that because they have very good reason nobody knows not all strippers use alcohol or drugs sometimes they have to act sexual when they arent but I think they are smarter than some girls who arent strippers is a lot of girls that dont need to be strippers to use drugs or alcohol is a lot of girls outhere doing that and havin sex with different people everytime they go out from a nighclub I think this girls are worse and I think some guys talk shit on stripper because strippers leave them horney and broke nobody can judge people because nobody is perfect I think they make good money while other women do all this things for free strippers pay their bills .

  17. Maya says:

    I have two options. One, deal with sexual harassment working a full and part time minimum wage job, working 70 to 90 hours a week to go nowhere careerwise. Two, be able to live decently or afford school, only work about 20 to 30 hours, and be completely independent in my decision making at work. Tell me I have no self respect if I chose option 2. You all are just scared of a woman who is smart enough to capitalize on being young and hot, instead of gaining nothing from it except lewd comments on the street from all of you who claim to have so much “respect for women.” The reason we lose all respect for men is cause we see that if we show them the same damn thing that their girlfriend/wife has, many will hand over their entire day or even weeks wages without batting an eye. Now who’s stupid.

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