Tobacco Kills More People Than AIDS, Drugs, Alcohol, Murder, and Car Crashes…Combined

smokinggetty385x240 Tobacco Kills More People Than AIDS, Drugs, Alcohol, Murder, and Car Crashes...Combined

The new anti-smoking ads in California are pretty intense. If you haven’t seen them, you can watch them all at They’re all about how California has saved lives and money by banning smoking in planes, bars, and restaurants.

One of them shows a guy on an airplane crawl into the drinks cart…then out of a brick-oven in a pizza place…then into a fountain…and out of a fish tank at a hospital. Then he makes his way to the nursery, picks up a swaddled newborn, and says that even if you were born TODAY…tobacco still kills more people than AIDS,drugs, alcohol, murder, and car crashes combined!


One Comment

  1. booger says:

    How and why is tobacco legal?

    1. ME says:

      How and Why are cars legal. What comes out of the exhaust pipe is far more damaging than second hand smoke…

      1. ME Again. says:

        Just so booger gets the point…

        A short list of the pathogens in car exhaust:

        * Carbon Monoxide
        * Nitrogen dioxide
        * Sulphur dioxide
        * Suspended particles, PM-10 less than 10 microns in size.
        * Benzene
        * Formaldehyde
        * Polycyclic hydrocarbons

      2. ME Again. says:

        Please don’t think that I am promoting smoking. I just fee their statistical data is biased to their cause..

        If you were to use their logic for a test it would go something like this..

        1) Put 20 people in a closed room with 1 running car and within a few hours all 20 of the people would be dead from Carbon Monoxide poisoning!. So let’s ban all cars.

        2) On the other hand if you put the same 20 people in the same room with 1 smoker… You can rest assured they will all leave the room to live a long and happy life…. So who is the real killer here ?

      3. P= says:

        why does it matter which one is MORE of a killer – the bottom line is that smoking AND secondhand smoke are killers and who cares if they use propaganda to try to help people stop doing one of the most irresponsible things to their bodies. You must just be trying to defend your own smoking habit. How can you say there is little credibility when any doctor, scientist, statistician, etc., will support these facts. The bottom line is, smoking is bad. Car exhaust is horrible as well, but that is not the issue at hand here.

  2. Jeff C. says:

    Yeah. I’d like to see the hard data on that as these ads have been known to exaggerate A LOT! Case in point, they made the claim that tobacco causes asthma which, based on the data, is patently FALSE. is all propaganda and very little credibility.

    *Keep in mind, the ads claim it causes asthma, not that it irritates those who already have asthma.

  3. justin flowers says:

    Me again- to your car comment about being in a room.

    well the reason cars are legal is because there is a benefical factor to vehichles America could not run with out transpportation…depending where you live that means you cuold walk 100’s of miles for fresh produce, meats, clothes, simple things like that. that is why vehicles r legal…now lets get to smoking give me anything beneficial about smoking?

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