5 Myths About Thanksgiving Dinner

thanksgiving dinner 5 Myths About Thanksgiving Dinner

Check out ways that can make your Turkey Day a little easier.

1. Myth: To get the best turkey, soak it in brine before you cook it.

Fact: Brining gives you a moister turkey, but the pan juices are too salty for making a good gravy – and the bird itself can be too salty for some tastes. To get a good turkey without brine, take the bird out of the refrigerator a couple of hours ahead to warm up, but put ice packs on the breast to keep it cold. That way the delicate breast will heat up slower than the tougher legs. Then during the roasting, check the doneness early and often to avoid overcooking.

2. Myth: You can make a wonderful stuffed turkey by cooking it in a very low oven overnight

Fact: Very low cooking temperatures and long cooking times are friendly to bacteria and can produce a toxic turkey. For the best results, cook stuffing separately and roast the bird at temperatures above 300 degrees.

3. Myth: To get a perfectly cooked turkey, follow a chart that gives you the cooking time according to the weight of your turkey

Fact: No chart can predict exactly how long it will take to cook a large roast, because there are many more variables than the weight. Use the chart as a general guide, but there’s no substitute for checking the doneness yourself with a good digital thermometer.

4. Myth: To make a turkey safe to eat, you have to cook it until the breast meat is 170 degrees and dry

Fact: Breast meat at an inner temperature of 150 to 160 degrees is much moister and safe. Leg meat is tougher, and better at 160 to 170 degrees.

5. Myth: It’s fine to put the leftovers away at the very end of the evening, just before staggering off to bed

Fact: Harmful microbes can survive cooking and at warm room temperatures can double their numbers several times an hour. Refrigerate leftovers as soon as the main meal is over, especially any meats, meat or cream sauces and starchy vegetables.

Source: CNN


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