Top 10 Baby Names For Beyonce And Jay-Z

jayz beyonce Top 10 Baby Names For Beyonce And Jay Z

If you haven’t heard Mama Tina Knowles hopped on The Ellen Degeneres Show to let the world know that her golden goose baby girl [lastfm]Beyonce[/lastfm] is not pregnant from hubby [lastfm]Jay-Z[/lastfm] . We have  the Top 10 Baby Names for the imaginary Bey-Z bambino. Hope you enjoy!


10. Giselle Ann Carter — Hov may be the man, but B wears the pants, and this name would take her and her mother, Tina’s, middle names to coronate the next Queen of R&B — while Jay worries about putting a super playroom on that island he just bought.

9. Alief Westinghouse Carter — 2008’s richest couple, according to Forbes, already experienced the hard knock life of struggling. Shawn Corey’s heir to the throne shouldn’t have to though. Taking the name of his and his wife’s high school alma mater, Alief, would have the name that gets respected in the streets… and the boardroom.

8. Kelly Burks Carter — It’s a hard road to the top. Sometimes friends can become strangers once the golden pot is presented. Bey-Z’s newborn daughter would commemorate the memories of two fallen inspirations for these musical giants: [lastfm]Kelly Rowland[/lastfm] and Jaz-O.

7. King Shawn Carter — They call him King Hov, copy, and his son is his liege. That means he’s downgraded to a father and the rest of the game will have no excuses but to honor the hip-hop royal pedigree. Ask for that other “king” — let’s just say the battle would be interesting.

6. Riyonce Willow West Carter — Hip-hop has become such a business that now the best of the best can trademark their kid’s names before they can walk. No doubt Matthew kicked game to the wedded couple about how he wished he could have received residual money off of his daughter’s name so being the savvy business couple, Bey-Z would conglomerate the names of the top selling Roc Nation acts into one super-baby’s name instantly earning Hollywood Walk of Fame status straight from inception.

5. Christopher Matthew Carter — No one can get bigger than the late Christopher Wallace and Matthew Knowles in the lives of [lastfm]Beyonce[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Jay-Z[/lastfm]. Combining the names of two of the best to do it “their way” in the business could be the seed that inspires the Carter’s seed to add his own floor to the Empire State of Mind.

4. Etta Annie Carter — Beyonce came under ridicule when she portrayed Etta James and sung “At Last” at the Obama’s Inaugural Ball. There were actually people who criticized “Hard Knock Life” because of the sampling of Thomas Meehan’s book. This would be right up the married couple’s alley as they can still give a subtle middle finger to the haters while representing the hybrid musical stylings that would surely influence their offspring.

3. Brooke Lynn Carter — Obvious that the Bedstuy, Brooklyn native would convince his muse and wife to have their first child be reflective of his New York State of Mind. The daughter of the world’s most musical pairing since [lastfm]Yoko Ono [/lastfm]and [lastfm]John Lennon[/lastfm] (iSarcasm) would get the red carpet treatment and would never have to experience “Do or Die” Bed-Stuy’s more harsher terrains as Williamsburg continues its gentrification of Hova’s homeland.

2. Malik Jay Carter — As long as Jay’s alive, [lastfm]Memphis Bleek[/lastfm] will always be a millionaire, and just in case (God forbid) Shawn Corey Carter’s eyes close and never open — then Memphis will always be the babysitter. Naming the number one talked about baby after the number 76 ranked rapper in the game boosts the confidence of Hov’s BFF. Surely, Bleek will be happy to know his pseudo-namesake will have that Grammy Award winning album that he never got a chance to have.

1. Sasha Dereon Carter — Fierce, free, focused, and fly, [lastfm]Jay-Z[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Beyonce'[/lastfm]s daughter would be talented like her mother, witty like her father, with the frenetic energy of Tina Turner, and the soul of a hustler like Frank Lucas.


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