s william oprah large Will.i.am i.am home fund for struggling familiesWhen two struggling families appeared as guests on The Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about the home foreclosures they were facing, they had no idea a surprise guest would make their problems disappear.  [lastfm]Will.i.am[/lastfm], front man of [lastfm]The Black Eyed Peas[/lastfm], showed up to save the day.

The Eller family and the Allgood family shared their stories with Oprah and explained how the national recession took its toll on them. For John Eller, losing his job as a corporate executive forced him to take lower paying jobs in order to support his wife and eight children. He explains, “I’ve been an executive in a major corporation, and I’ve also made doughnuts on a graveyard shift working in a bakery for $10 an hour. I’ve had to do whatever it takes.”

Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t afford the mortgage for their dream home. For single mother Alycia Allgood, buying her first home after years of saving was an accomplishment she could be proud of, but when her company downsized, she too fell months behind on her mortgage payments.

To the surprise of both families, Black Eyed Peas star Will.i.am stepped forward to pay the $350,000 owed by the Ellers and the Allgoods, Oprah.com reports.

Will.i.am hopes to continue helping families facing foreclosure. He has created the i.am home fund to collect donations for families struggling with mortgage payments, at risk for losing their homes.

For more information please go to, http://iamhome.dipdive.com/

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  1. brenda says:

    I wanted to say thank you for helping the family’s in need. it seems that alot of what you are doing really comes from within your heart. I have always given help to others in need the best I could. I beleive in giving not taking In nov of 2008 my son tyler broke his need has a plate three screws. since this happen countrywide obtained my loan in july of 2007 went into default, owed $16.000 I paid this in full no medical insurance then but noe I obtained blue sheild for tyler may 1 2010. Ihave a second mtg fell behind paid $8,500 in may . I was left with no choice but to file BK Chapter 7 this was discharged feb 11 2010 I am out of work full time looking for work always will work and i am behind in my mtg about one year. Its a mess I would like to continue on with paying on time I just cant get caught up. because of the bk I dont quailty for help refinance or a hamp loan. bank of america put me in a escrow loan account they are way overcharing me for the amount of my payment. MY SON DREAM was to be able to play football since his serios injury and the way it is we are in serious jeporady of being forclosed any day I have to still fight for our right to not lose our home this home he has lived in for seventeen years and I am a single mom and when I ask for help there is no help out there it seems anymore as we know the mtg industry hard finding work full time we have had a hardship financially since january 21 2008 I am not a quitter. there are resources out there and everywhere i go to get help I am told because of my bad credit and low fico score i am turned away. alot of the time this seems so wrong so i deal with the negative in think to myself there are alot of other familes worst off then us and be strong for my son an smile an be grateful eachday. it is what it is. i beleive in angels and i beleive in helping out others in time of need when i was able to and when i have it truly comes within my heart to know that what i did helps me feel im doing something right. Thank you

  2. Tina says:

    To whom it may concern ( Home fund – Will I am )
    I’m a single mother of 3 , who is in need of some relief in order to save what my boys & i call home. I’m struggling to save this home – financially in distress from lack of work here in my town ,where i am also limited on the hours i can work because i have a disabled child ( middle child ) who is in need of 24 hour health care age 16 and when he isn’t able to be in school full time due from his illness, i or someone would have to be home for him. I can’t afford to keep my home let along pay a sitter so i can work .My oldest son does his best to be the man of the house to help out with cooking , cleaning and his brothers health care ect. My payoff is around $60,000 and i really dont want to have to be put on some type of waiting list for low income housing or other. The home we have is cheap on monthly expenses so that is a plus for me ! But the house payment a month is costly and would love some help….. I have been working part time for 17 yrs as a In Home Health Care Provider to help the elderly remain at home ( nurse ) type job .
    But with son’s health im not always about to remain at job due to him getting sick while at school or when his is sick at home . He has CP ,and developmental disorder , along with a seizure disorder . I DO NOT receive any type of check with the state from public asst. Only for sons illness with SSI…The father will not pay child support and hasn’t in years..I donate alot to local charities when able and have done so for years , but this is the moment when the shoe is on the other foot and i’m the one in need of help ! I do hope there is a ANGEL out there that can answer my prayers …..Thank You & God Bless You for what good deeds you have already done in order to help families in need.

  3. annette bak says:

    For Will.I.Am, I would appreciate a reply to my request to receive help to fund a small neighborhood park, now a vacant lot, for children and the elderly in an area of New Orleans where playgrounds are scarce. The area is thriving, but there are few to no places for the children to play, or for the elderly to sit and enjoy. . God bless you for all you do.

  4. Viola Johnson says:

    Will.I.Am, I have been a foster parent for over 30 years, I have recently been laid off from my job, I have adopted 2 of the children that have been in my care, but now I find myself struggling to pay my mortgage. I have taken in my sister’s son who pasted away in December of 2009. I also have another son
    that I am trying to help him get himsef together in school (college) so he will be able to take care of himself and his baby. I am trying to get myself to gether to open up a day care. My heart has always been for the chldren and helping parents be able to put their children in daycare and know that they are safe all day. I am strugling to pay my bill and mortgage
    but I am trying to do the best I can. If you can see fit to help me and my family it would be geatly appreciated. May God continue to bless you for your efforts in helping people like my self. I dont’t want us to have to be put out. I have b een paying on my mortgage even when my hours were cut and when I got laid off in 2006 and not in 2010.

  5. Sandra says:


  6. Beatriz Figueroa says:

    For Will.I.Am I’m a single parent,I have 4 boys 21,17,14,and 9.I’ve been divorced for 4 years I was in a domestic violence marriage for 19 years.I got the courage to leave my ex-husband.He did say that I was going to come back to him because I will always need him.Thank God I’ve been strong for my boys.I’ve been struggling to pay my mortgage because I cant refinance because of my bad credit.My ex-mother in law and ex-husband are really trying to make me loose my house . I was granted the house on the divorce but the mortgage loan is on their names too and they don’t want to sign papers so that I can refinance..Is their a program that I can apply to get a loan I know it is hard because I have really bad credit.But I’m strong and I know I will keep trying until their is no other options.
    Thank you, very much

  7. Gail Young says:

    Will I Am,

    I also want you to know that in our local news paper it was in the paper about the fire
    and how Max saved Blues life is in the headlines.

    I could tell a lot of stories about my life; I will stick to talking about in the last three and a half years. April 6, 2007 I ran out of my big beautiful home and our lucrative business to escape an abusive husband never looking back I have had a lot of hard time’s sense that day. I first took all my savings of $14,000.00 and put it down on a house rent with option to buy didn’t have the money for insurance and really didn’t think about it right then. I went back to school to help me with a new career. I was sitting in evening classes when two officers can into the class and announced my home was on fire!!! I ask if my daughter Michelle was ok and my two dogs Max and Blue they said they didn’t know I raced out of the building crying so hard and my heart pounding I could hardly see to drove home when I got to my street there were a lot of people, fire trucks, I saw my daughter standing there my heart was relieved it didn’t last long I ask about my dogs and they told me that my Max had died in the fire but Max had saved Blues life by holding her under him. The fire man found my dogs huddled under my bed together one on top of the other he pick up Max he was dead then he pick up Blue she wasn’t breathing but she had a heart beat so he ran her to the fire truck and gave her oxygen for almost an hour he said just the month before the fire station got oxygen mask for dogs THANK GOD!!! They took Blue to Green Hospital. It was after midnight when my daughter and I got to the animal hospital. We ask about Blue they didn’t know if she would be ok or have brain damage, neurological problems but she was carrying three babies (SURPRISE). The hospital said if I didn’t have a deposit of $1000.00 they couldn’t help me I didn’t have any way to get any money, I just had a fire all my credit cards check book every thing was gone in the fire I couldn’t loose another thing Blue was all I had. But because I didn’t have the deposit they took Blue off oxygen until I got the money the vet told my daughter but she didn’t tell me until after it was all over and I got the deposit. Blue has neurological problems and her three puppies are ok one had disfigured feet her name is Maxi the others are Murphy and Mickey. About a year later my little brother Keith came to me told me he has cancer and about three months later my brother Drew told me he has cancer a few months later my daughter Michelle told me she has lupus. That same year at Christmas I lost my brother Doug he had a heart transplant in 2001 but died of complications in 2008. I have always been the one to help or take care of my brothers make sure they get to there appointment get meds or what ever they need. Then the lady I was buying the house from was rebuilding the house that burned down I thought for almost a year I was going to move back into my home when it was finished, then she went bankrupted I didn’t get to move back into my house and she didn’t have to give me any of my money back I was devastated and lost I’ve been lost since I cant get back on track I can’t get my life back. My Daughter and I still live together but we struggle every day to buy food, pay bills to do repairs on my car which I need for my whole family. My daughter is very sick but still goes to work everyday but when she not working she just lays in bed and cries it torments me I wish I could take it for her. I am about to get my electric, and gas turned off my vehicle is in need of repairs I can afford an oil change or tires. Then in February 2010 my daughter in laws aunt let me buy her trailer in payments for $6,000.00 at $300.00 a month I don’t like living in a trailer but I would make it my home then last week I was sweeping my floor and when I went to unplug my sweeper the outlet was hot to touch I looked at it better it was almost on fire it charred the wood and the plug was melted I don’t have the money to get an electrician I didn’t know what to do I called an electric company told them my problem they sent a man out to make it safe for now but said if I wasn’t home my home would of burn down all the electric in my trailer is bad he said. I am afraid to leave my home I was told to just leave I have no where to go so now I don’t leave my house for any reason unless someone is here.
    I have four dogs and a cat now I could not bare to loose one any of them the way I lost Max I feel guilty every day for Max’s death it haunt me I think about how the house was on fire for a wail and how afraid he must have been and looking for me he was my buddy. Sense the fire I haven’t been able to pay my bills, I owe credit cards loans you name it I owe on it. I just want to feel safe in my home and I
    Don’t!!! I’m not sure I will ever feel safe again. Please I hope you can help I just need help with my home I want to feel safe for my daughter and my animals.


    Thank you,


  8. Christy says:

    Dear Will I Am,
    I am writing on behalf of my mother.She is gonna loose her home that her and my stepdad built together.
    Well i wanna start by saying she had a abusive husband that was also a drunk i can remember lots of bad things my other 2 sisters dont.She finally got the courage to leave and divorce him.She raised us 3 girls all on her own.I am very proud of her she worked very hard we didn’t have much,lived in my grandparents house that was fallin down. She never dated and my dad was murdered in 1996 while after God sent her an awesome man they were married and they loved each other so.And that was the happiest I had seen my mom.He was a wonderful dad to us girls and our kids.Then in 2009 he passed away from massive heartache and the home he built for mom is bout to be taken away.I heard bout you helping ppl and thought I would try to get help for mom cuz i truly hate to see her loose her home that they built together. I would love for her to not have to worry bout her home.She has had enough heartbreak.Thank you for hearing our story.

  9. Jeanie says:

    Hello Wil i am,
    I watched the show you did with OPRAH and you sincerely touched my heart. I couldn’t believe that someone famous could actually care about others less fortunate. Your openess and caring for others was remarkable.
    I was a Registered Nurse for 22 years working in an emergency room, where I fell and hurt myself, leading to physical and emotional pain. I lost my job in 2003 and my husband now works 2 jobs. We lost our life saving and will now lose our home. I have 3 children, 18. 16 and 12. My mom also lives with us and she is 83, I NEVER thought that my life would turn out this way. I have always worked very hard helping others. I would treat all my patients as if they were family.
    If you see fit, could you possibly put my name on a list for help. I would truely appreciate any help your foundation could provide. I am at my last hope. Thanks for listening,

  10. rosemary arline says:

    hi will,iwas watching the show were you helped.the things u did for your mom and granny is what touched me and brought tears to my eye.i raised my two sons as a single mother,but so far they have not been able to give back to me yet,still i love them and pray someday they will be sucessful in life.all my youth and adult life was spent caring for the sick and elderly,that is until i got ill myself,about 10 yrs. ago and now can barely care for me and my blind 81 yr. old mom.i have several serious illnesses and can’t even afford life insurance and i am allways afraid of what is going to happen to me and my mom if i die.i have always stronggled to get by,now it is even harder.if there is any chane,please help me.no one has ever given me anything.no section 8 or subsidized rent or anything.always had to work hard,now i can not.please let me know there is someone that eally cares.it takes a lot for me to drop my pride and ask anyone for help,but my need and hurt is so deep. thank you and god bless you for those you have helped as well as those you still may help.

  11. tim moore says:

    greetings and salutations! it takes a while to find the way in. i hope i have- this time i doubt i could ever come close to the afore written stories. however we do need a little help. we are about to embark on the journey through bankruptsy to save our home. we have outstanding credit card debt we incurrred by paying for gas at $4 plus dollars per gallon to get to the jobs that laid us off after 14 and ten years of employment. didnt’t see that coming. so the credit card company wants 40000 from us and are making it difficult to pay our mortgage. so far we are not behind with them yet. the credit card companies received billions of our tax dollars to stay in business. we want to pay them back. i recently got a new job at half the pay i was making and my wife has yet to secure a job. all that may be available is either part time or extremely low pay. so we are trying to live on way less. if everyone we owe money to could take smaller payments- but that ain’t happenin’. we would both like to go back to school and send our adult sons as well but we have to keep our home. if you can make any suggestions or give my talented wife a rewarding job, we would greatly appreciate it. we don’t have any degrees in anything but my wife is a proffessional phone operator and a really good cook. me i’ll learn whatever can.i’m good at inventory.currently working in retail. thanks for giving us a place to talk. i may print more. thank you- god be with you.

  12. Nancy says:

    I have a different scenario. I was laid off my job in Dec. 2009 – and when that happened, we borrowed $69,000 from my 401K to pay off our mortgage and a credit card debt I had acquired for some extensive dental work. It seemed like a good idea at the time as my 401K was going down each month, instead of increasing, due to tough times. We were afraid we wouldn’t be able to make our monthly payments, which is why we borrowed MY money. We were told there would be about a $4,000 fee for taking the 401 K withdrawal early. That is what my agency charged me for the early withdrawal! After filing taxes this year – we owe the IRS $11,000 for taking that money out early! I have set up a payment plan to the IRS, but am still looking for a job with little prospects. My husband is self employed so I always worked to carry benefits – which are over $1,000/ month. My husband drives a 1997 Ford truck (he’s in the furniture business) and I drive an ’02 Jeep Liberty. Both are in need of repair, but we can’t afford to have work done. I also took out a parent loan when my daughter was in college, because she wasn’t approved for a student loan, and I am paying that off as I can, as well. We have tried to be frugal and not live outside our means, but we are at the point where everything is about to fall apart. We have at least $10,000 in home repair expenses that need to be completed, my husband needs a newer truck, and I would like to pay off the outstanding loans we have for essential things. My 401K is also non-existent now, and we don’t have anything for retirement. I know that probably sounds selfish in these days, but that was always my only hope as my husband doesn’t have any benefits at all. We are both in our late fifties and just don’t see any end in sight. When I saw your work on Oprah, I was so moved, and thought I would give your organization a try to see if we would be possible recipients of your generosity. My house of 26 years is insured and paid for, but it has drained us of our retirement and caused additional monthly expenses we hadn’t even thought about. I spend my days on-line applying for jobs, and worry about my husband’s safety with his old truck and aging bones doing such hard labor. I feel like I’ve really let us down, and just hope and pray that some light will come our way. Thank you for your consideration. I will promise to Pay It Forward if we ever get caught up enough where we can help others. I’ve always been involved with my children’s education, on committees, PTA, Booster clubs, etc., and have always given back to my community. Since all of this started happening, I find myself confined to my home and don’t have the self-confidence to participate in anything. We are totally beaten down. I know we’re lucky in many ways, but have a darkness we can’t get out of on our own. Thank you for your consideration.

  13. karen cottman-mansfield says:

    I would like to know how I can apply for help with my house; I am in forclosure status, I have not been able to find anything online; an address or phone number would help me. Thank you

  14. karen cottman-mansfield says:

    Thank you

  15. Mary says:

    My name is Mary. I have owned a small business in the Baltimore area for the past ten years. I am also a single parent with a daughter in college at New York University. My business salary makes her ineligible for any financial aid. Therefore, I have to pay out-of-pocket for her tuition, fees, books and room and board. It is extremely difficult to meet my financial obligations because my business is seasonal and I make the bulk of my income during the first six months of each year. By the time the season is over I have exhausted all the money I made because of my business expenses, personal bills and my child’s tuition. For the past five years I have entered each new year in debt only because I was unable to pay my bills for the last four months of the previous year.

    All praises to God I am always able to bring all my bills current during the first six months of each new year because God has blessed me with a business that is successful enough to do so. However, right now I am behind on my home mortgage and the rent for my business. I learned of your organization when I saw you help some homeowners on the Oprah Winfrey Show. I am not asking you to pay my house off but I am asking you to grant me a loan. I have tried to get a small business loan from banks but was turned down because of the debt ratio and my credit score. I’m not asking for a hand out. I am asking for a loan that will be paid back to you in full by the first of the year. I am asking for a chance to save my business and save my house. If you cannot grant this loan, I am asking you to provide me with contacts to other people or organizations that may be able to help me. May God continue to bless you in this worthwhile endeavor.

  16. Joan says:

    I really don’t think your appeals on this comment board will be answered by will.i.am or the “fund”. The 576 appeals dated from May 10th on the iamhome website haven’t even been answered yet. I know because I’m one of them. Sorry.

  17. marguerite branch says:

    I am writing to you because I need help with my house. I can’t
    get the bank to help me they don’t take my phone calls. when I call they turn me over to someone else. Please let me know what I have to do. I am senior citizen with 4 children and I need help. I saw you on the Oprah’s show. I was trying to do things my way and nothing is working. Please help me.If the bank forclose I don’t have any where to and I don’t have any money to get a place. I have been praise God and sometimes it seem that not working. When I pay the house bills and buy food there is not a lot left for anything. My car has started to give me trouble. I needed new glasses. By the middle of the month there is not enough money to gas in my car, take my granddaughter to work and school. It is getting harder and harder for me. I am 68 years old I can’t take to much more of this


    i need your help desperately otherwise me and my kidz will be on the streets. im in south africa. i saw you on the oprah show. please help me. you the only person i can turn to right now. we are alone. we dont have any one we can turn to for help. thank you god bless you.

  19. Kathleen Jones says:

    Dear Will,
    I am a 47 yr. old women, I live in Lunenburg Vt. My house is going to be repossessed without your help. I have no-one to help we are losing everything. We are selling what we can to help with some of the bills but the morgage is so out of reach. We were paying $928.00 per month ,we payed this for 4 yrs. at a 9.25% and our loan remained at $110,000.00 that is what I am asking you to pay off, you would save 4 people 7 chihuahuas a cat and fish plus a grey parrot. I will pay you back every penny if that is what you require from me. The bank is Carrington Morgage Sevices, LLC. of Irvine Ca. I have worked since I was 14 yrs. old. The past 15 years I have worked for the State of Vermont as a Plow Truck Driver with side wings on the trucks.(I loved it and I miss it terribly) However my Dr. took me out of work due to my physical and mental conditions. I have had 11 surgeries, 7 were to major walking parts and I face Knee replacements and possibly my hips as well. My husband needs back surgery as well as knees. My son had to move back home because of there not being any work so my son & his girlfriend live here as well and my step-daughter comes on weekends. But we have owned our home for 20 yrs. and we turned it from a cottage to a 4-5 bdrm.. 2 bath mansion with a built in pool (1 of only 2 in town). I would lose my life if I lost my home. It is my only comfort were I basically am in severe pain on a daily basis and now I am being tested for Rumatoid Arthritis. I sometimes think it would be easier if I just never woke up. If you could help me I wold realy pay every penny back if that is what was required of me to get your help so I may remain in my home of 20 yrs. I was the only one of 5 children that grew up on skid row and actually worked hard and got myself a house. My mom did not live to see me succeed or see my son who is 21 yrs. old now. I know if she was alive she would beg, borrow or steal to help me. But Will you are the only fund that can help me. I wish you could get all the Rich & Famous people that have the funds to help out. It is a wonderful fund, it saves peoples homes which in turn stops crimes because you stopped people from being put out on the street needing to steal to survive. Plus you are helping out the Banks which in turn helps the Economy. Please could you pay the $110,000.00 to save my home you will also be saving my life. I have applied for Social Security Disability and have appealed a denial and now I wait some more. My husband has also applied and we are waiting for an answer for him. My son and his girl must of put in 50 or more applications and no return calls for work. It realy sucks where we are for employment. Please help me, stop my depression so I can feel like a human being again. I realy will pay you back if required.
    Thank You,


    Dear Will
    I am a 39 yr. old women living in Cape Town S.A. I am struggling to pay my rent and to pay my kidz school fees, and to put food on the table. i need your help in any way that is possible with you. i can’t afford my rent on my own. there is however a house on sale for R 500 000-00. IF YOU ARE WILLING TO PURCHASE THIS HOUSE FOR US WE WILL APPRECIATE IT. Please reply to me your answer asap. May God richly bless you my brother. MY KIDZ DIG YOUR MUSIC.
    Thanking you


  21. nagique davis says:

    Dear will
    My mom is ineed of help she is struggling with my sister and i. I am 14 years old and i really cannot help my mom out the way i want to.She is working but has very little money for anything else. There is some things that i dont really want to mention over the web. So if you can please contact us a.s.a.p.

  22. katherlene stevenson says:

    my family and i are at stand still in trying to keep up with our mortage and maintance and by the economy the way it is we are having a hard time trying to pay the mortage, food,and other expense. if you could consider helping us with the mortage it would be the best blessing in the world to us .then we could have a way to make our home to the point that it is handicap excessible so my daughter will be able to get around in the house better.

  23. Debbie says:

    Hello Will.i.am. I am trying to get help for someone that I consider my second Mom. She is loosing her home that she has had for over 20 years. She lives in Houston, Tx, She has not worked in 2 years. She has been trying to find a job but has had no luck. I am trying to help her as much as I can. She is taking care of my disabled mother. I am unable to pay her much because my mom only gets disability. she does not know that I am sending this message to you. I just thought that maybe you could review her case and help in some way. She is a very special lady to me I have known her for over 30 years and I just want to help. She has tried going thru different avenue with her mortgage and has been taken by someone who promised to help but took her money and now she is on her own. She is going thru some really hard times and does not know what to do now. She is a great lady and would do anything for anyone. Even though she is about to lose her home she still gets up every morning and come to take care of my mother. I hope that this message reaches you well. Thank You and God Bless. Debbie

  24. Dennett says:



    Dear William:
    It has been struggle with my mortgage since Chase Bank bought it 2 years ago, I have complied with their every demands yet they refuse to acknowledge the signed agreement in which they have with NACA to help home owners: here is a letter I sent them: I need your help, I am single adoptive mother of 3 and after my mom died last year I ended up taking in the children she had, which are the siblings to the ones I adopted

    Dear Chase Bank CEO:

    Please let me re-introduce myself, my name id Dennette and I have resided at the above address for 8 years now, when I bought the home, my mortgage was $808 a month thru Country Wide Bank, within 2 years, my loan was purchased by Accredited Bank then Wells Fargo. During this, transaction, I had added a ½ bath in my basement and turned the basement into a recreation room, I refinanced my mortgage and it was increased to $1093 without my taxes included, that amount still worked out for me because I was able to pay it each month.

    Within a year, Chase Bank, bought my loan. In February of ‘2009, I missed paying my taxes and immediately your bank paid the taxes in full and added the amount to my monthly mortgage along with your other bank fees, making it impossible for me to pay, increasing my mortgage to $1300+ , this amount was more than my work check.

    In July ‘2009, I called your bank and spoke to a representative who then introduced me to the Obama modification program, not making me aware o9f the pros and cons of it, yet it was my only option besides paying the loan in full. My payments each month were reduced to $1178. I made the payments each month without even having to open a statement because I knew what amount I was to pay, your representative had informed me to keep making my payments, regardless what the bill said.

    In January of ‘2010, once again, without my knowledge, Chase Bank added my taxes to my monthly payments, increasing the payment to $1600.00t wasn’t until my new modification packet came to my home in July, with a newer amount of $1400.00. I called Chase Bank and let your representative know that there was no way that I will be able to pay the $1400.00, I asked him about the $1600, he then told me about the taxes being added and even with the modification, each year the taxes would be added. The representative informed me to not sign the new agreement, instead send it bank with a hardship letter and someone would get back to me, well they did and informed me that the program was no longer available to me and now I owed 7 months of back payments and the possibility of foreclosure on the property.

    I feel that Chase Bank and any other bank that offers the modification program is only setting their customers up for failure.

    On 09/24/10, I reached out to The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) and we worked on a new mortgage proposal to send you in hopes that you would comply, after 30 days, we heard nothing from you, yet your modification department sent me another form for the same amount of $1400.00 and each time I would call them, they kept informing me that I did not qualify anymore. I had gotten a call from one of your reps, Eric Hamilton, who then asked me to fax a copy of my bank statement, I did, on November 1, he has not gotten back with me since and I have left multiple messages for him.

    NACA has a legally binding agreement with ALL the major lenders/servicers & investors, yet you are not complying, instead you would rather lose monthly payments on a home by removing a family from their home and selling the property for little or nothing, verses trying to work something out with them. I am not trying to lose my home and I will continue to do what is necessary including contacting my local government agencies, Senators, Legislature,
    Congress person, Governor, Attorney General.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at the above number.


    Homeowner and Proud of It

  25. George says:

    Is there any such help for Canadians??
    I’m about to loose my house in a few months and I don’t know where to turn.

  26. susann weeden says:

    this is for help of my family. I am a single mom losing my home i became unemployed and can not affored my house . i could not get any help to save my family home . please help i will be come home less on the 7th of january 2011 need help form will iam and cant contact him or now how.

  27. susann weeden says:

    hi i am susann weeden a single mom lost my job due to health and I am loosing my house january 7th 2011 I am raising two daughters one in college and a sixteen year old. I will be home less and never new this could happen to me . please help me . the will.i.am. foundation. please.

  28. lorena garcia says:

    i am a single mother of two autistic kids. our dream is to have a home of our own. the kids receive disability, i work seasonal jobs to help compensate. we always manage to get by. i awlays give thanks for the blessing we have and pray that one day we will have the security of our own home..if anyone knows how i can make this dream come true for my babies, please let me know

  29. lorena garcia says:

    hello..my name is lorena garcia..im a single mother of two autistic kids..i do not own a home..we rent..and thank God considering so many do not have a bed to lay their heads..i am not looking for a hand out but an oppurtunity..i would like help to buy a home for my children and i..my babies receive disability and i work seasonal jobs in order to compensate..it has been a bumpy road..if anyone can help, i would be so greatful. my biggest fear is that i wont be able to provide my children with the security of owning a home..times are tough for many, i know and give thanks for where we are. i know it could be far worst..please help if you can..even advice and guidance would be greatly received..thank you..take care..and thank you for giving the gift of hope..sometimes hope gets people through the tough times

  30. Brooke Mc says:

    I didn’t know whether this is where is where i should apply, but I’ll give it a go. I’m no mother, But I am the daughter of a beautiful one. My mother has never owned a home, shes a single deaf mother who gave birth to 5 children.. one died from SIDS at the age of 4 months old. Gave birth to two children with Aspergers.One with a sevre case and my twin with a mild case.
    We have always rented because my mum alone cant afford it, she doesnt work she does paper rounds to help out.. even when she was with my father they alone had to get food stamps for food. My sister and i were sent to foster care every weekend to help out and my brother jesse was sent to a respite home every fortnight. in 2009 my passed away from an situation that shouldnt of even happened. My Family is putting a lot of time to fight for the rights of his death. I just want her to be happy and feel secure and everyday she worries about herself and her family and where were headed. She wants to buy this house because it holds the most precious memories she has of Jesse. She has just been through a lot, she just deserves something to go right for a change. Thank you

  31. lisamccarthy says:

    hi IM trying to get help my husband had a massive brain bleed 10 months after we bought our home weve been tryin to get our mortage modified weve been payin our modifiation payments for 17 months and now their sayin they wont be able to do it so we are in danger of losin our home we have no money left in the bank because we had to put a ramp in the garage so I can get him in and out to go to the drs it took so long for him to get his diability check we got behind almost 29 thousand dollars please please help usIm hopeing this is the right web site please contact me via e-mail thank u

  32. jean says:


  33. Amanda says:

    Hi I’m trying to get help my husband lost his job and we both are now full time students try to find jobs only surviving off our school moneys but with no other income we falling behide we need 3000 to keep our mortgage from forcloure Which will happen April the fifth our home means so much to us my grandfather of whome as passed away did the closing cost on our home and this is like a family neighborhood my mother, sister, brother, and two aunties have homes in my neighborhood so please help me to save my home and help me to stay close to my family

  34. Alhassan abdul aziz says:

    It is incridible because i never see such behave since the adam time. But hope i can enjoy part this funds

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